Eyebrow laminating is a cosmetic treatment that involves using a chemical solution to reshape and set the brow hairs in a particular direction. The process involves applying a gentle perm solution to the eyebrows, which softens and relaxes the brow hairs, making them more malleable.

Next, the technician will brush the brow hairs into the desired shape and direction, using a special adhesive to hold the hairs in place. The adhesive is then left to set, usually for around 10 to 15 minutes, before the technician removes it to reveal the newly shaped eyebrows.

The end result of eyebrow laminating is typically fuller, more defined eyebrows that have a natural-looking shape and texture. The treatment can also help to make the eyebrows look more voluminous and thick, as the hairs are encouraged to grow in a more uniform direction.

Eyebrow laminating is a popular treatment for people who want to achieve a more defined, polished look for their eyebrows without resorting to more invasive techniques like microblading or tattooing. The results of eyebrow laminating typically last for around six to eight weeks, after which time the treatment will need to be repeated to maintain the desired look.